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We Cater to Your Sexual Wellness

At Double Dare, we have a large selection of adult toys and products, including lingerie, rabbit vibrators, g-spot stimulators, anal plugs, bondage toys, lubricants, realistic masturbators, aphrodisiacs, and everything in between. We cater to every customer, as our products are perfect for any couple or individual. In fact, we even offer a clinically proven product to naturally increase testosterone to promote overall sexual wellness called ON For Him!


Fuel Your Desire and Passion and Build T Levels with ON For Him

Testosterone, or T, known as the sex hormone, fuels desire, passion, and stamina. ON For Him naturally increases testosterone through botanical extracts and bioactive nutrients. Men apply small amount of ON For Him daily, and 30 minutes prior to exercising and sexual activity, on an area of the body with the least amount of hair. It takes years for testosterone levels to drop, but only months to build it with ON!



Restore Your Testosterone Levels & Feel the Effects of Better Sex!

Restoring testosterone levels takes time and commitment from you. Even synthetic prescription testosterone is administered in doses that are safe to be absorbed by your body over time, and you must use it daily. It can take weeks or even months to start feeling the full effects of increasing testosterone levels, so keep applying. To start, you need a lab test to determine your starting T levels. Then, you will need to monitor them by getting another test done in three weeks to make sure your T levels are moving in the right direction.

You will be applying a generous nickel-sized amount of cream to an area of clean, dry skin where the lease amount of hair exists, such as the inside of your arms, lats, or the back of your thighs. Thoroughly rub cream into the skin until it is absorbed. The liposome carrier absorbs easily, so you will be able to feel the effects in just a few weeks. For maximum results, you must apply the cream every day regardless whether you feel the effects or not.

Testosterone enters the body as T, but sometimes changes over to estrogen, which is a female hormone. If that happens, your doctor can give you a prescription to get you on the right path. All the sexual enhancers on the market will give a man an erection but they do not give them the desire. Testosterone is what gives a man desire, and you need both for sex – or better sex