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We want you to be able to make informed choices about the products you choose and what you do with those products. Have you got a question about a product or some aspect of sexuality? Chances are, you can find answers on our site. If not, talk to us! Send a message to us here at Double Dare. Our experts are just like you, but with hands-on experience with our products. We’ll get you the information you need.

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Stop by our store and check out our swingers bulletin board! Our board allows customers to ask questions, talk about products, and find a sense of community with others who share their interests. Respect and honesty are key at Double Dare. Most of all, we encourage our community members to grow and discover themselves as sexual beings, so contact us or stop by our shop today!


Customer and Volunteer Reviews Ensure the Best Products for You!

We encourage customers and other volunteer reviewers to write about our products. We publish these reviews so that everyone can make educated choices about what will best meet their needs. Have a toy you adore? Pen a review and spread the word! Found something that didn’t do what it was supposed to do? Let everyone know. We want to hear what works well and what doesn’t. This is how we improve our selection and offer the best products on the market.


Hear what our customers and volunteers are saying about our products and service:

Pretty good for this size town, has everything you need. Was surprised to see the video booths in the back, but luckily they have a front and back entrance to choose from. Friendly, helpful staff. Large selection of lube, toys and movies, but to be honest not sure how popular movies are these days.
Denni P. via Yelp; 4/5/16

I have stopped in several times and really appreciate the great customer service. Yes, there is a wide variety of items that cater to all types of folks, but you can just stay away from the “zone” that offends. Very helpful staff and with great sense of humor. Ranges from classy to raunchy, but very clean and non-threatening atmosphere. Mahalo!
Kristin W. via Yelp; 7/17/2013

So Kona being the small community it is, has a sex shop! It caters to both gay and straight communities, however most of the products are geared toward heterosexual sex scenarios. (The Gays are used to that in a bookstore). It’s a small “hole in the wall,” that retails a small variety of sex toys, lubes, videos, etc. The staff is always friendly, and very nonchalant in talking about their products. Their selection of lubes is limited and expensive (I suggest Walmart) but the fact they have them at all is a plus. The store apparently features a video pit that offers the normal seedy short term “friendships” that are synonymous with adult book stores. Every city needs its seedy underbelly as much as it needs its tourist traps and child care. All and all it’s clean and friendly.
Richard M. via Yelp; 9/27/2009



We’re Confident that Your Experience With Us Will Be Nothing But Positive!

If you don’t wish to place your order over the Internet, Double Dare makes it easy to order by phone. You may place your order via telephone Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time at 1-808-334-1310. Telephone orders can be paid with Visa® or MasterCard®. If you wish to order by mail, please make all checks and money orders payable to Double Dare. You can rest assured that your personal information is never shared with anyone. Ever. End of story. Packages are shipped discreetly. We promise that the package will look completely innocuous, because no matter how cool we might think your brand new realistic dildo is, your neighbors do not need to know about it.

It will not say what you have purchased. Your banker, accountant or whomever will NOT know what you purchased. No unsolicited email or postal mail will ever be sent to you. Catalogs with half-naked folks? No way. Spammy emails that clog up your inbox? Nope. We just don’t do it. We’re confident that your experience with Double Dare will be so positive that you’ll find your way back to us when you’re ready to order again.

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